Club Notices 

Details of Club notices will be shown here


The date of the next Club AGM has been set for Saturday 22nd January  
The Club will be open from 11 a.m. and the meeting will commence at 1 p.m.
Copies of the relevant documents will be available at that time. Members will need to show a valid membership card to gain entry to the meeting
Any items to be discussed under Any Other Business should be submitted in writing to a member of the committee or bar staff no later than Saturday 15th January 2022.
Any Other Business will not normally include items raised from the floor during the AGM

At the close of the AGM there will be a short break. After that an SGM will be convened to discuss and adopt the new Royal British Legion Rule Book


  Elections at the last AGM
  Acting on advice received from the Royal British Legion, the periods for which the committee members were elected at the AGM on September 5th 2021, will commence on the date of the next AGM, scheduled for Saturday 22nd January 2022. This means the 3 candidates elected with the lowest number of votes will serve for one year from 22nd January 2022 to the AGM in January 2023. The 3 candidates elected with the highest number of votes will serve from 22nd January 2022 to the AGM in January 2024.
This has the effect of bring the AGM back into line with the financial year and Royal British Legion requirements 


Our Events

We have a wide range of activities during the week as well as occasional Live Entertainment on Saturdays. Details of most of these activities are shown on the Weekly Events page


How to Find Us

Station Approach


Contact Details

Feel free to contact us using the following details.

Tel: 01628 486659
Weekday evenings after 7 p.m. and
Saturday and Sunday lunchtimes