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In 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 the Royal British Legion Club Marlow won the
CAMRA Club of the Year award for Aylesbury Vale & Wycombe
The Club has repeated this success by winning the CAMRA Regional Club of the Year, Central Southern Area (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire) in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
In 2019 we came second in the Southern Central Region

Hurrah  !!!   Due to some creative re-scheduling we've found a way to
reinstate the RBL Marlow SpringFest. The fun begins on Friday 8th May, VE Day.
It should also pave the way for the SummerFest to take place at the usual
dates and times, 27th to 31st August.






Brewery Beer Tasting Notes  
Current Beers      
Black Sheep Black Sheep Bitter  3.8% Brewed with whole flower English hops this bitter packs a genuine bitterness. Challenger, Goldings and Fuggle hops blend to create a beautiful aroma and flavour with kicks of grassy freshness and a big peppery punch. The Maris Otter malt offers a light sweetness that balances those big bitter characters
Rebellion Amber  4.3% A malt forward and full bodied best bitter with biscuit and caramel notes. Rich Amber in colour with classic a British hop character  
Rebellion Slipstream  4.2% March's beer is red and full of malt character. Double roasted crystal, dehusked roasted malt and black malt all add a well-balanced and subtle roasted flavour. WGV, a traditional British hop, adds floral notes and well-rounded bitterness  
Stardust English Bitter  4.0% This beer is blended to bring out the very best of traditional British malt and hop flavours. The raised malt profile unlocks notes of roasted caramel, which mingle with classic hop aromas
Lilley's Wild Dog Cider  7.5% A traditional vintage cider left alone to ferment and mature, creating a more wild and rustic cider, then sweetened back to medium  
Weston's Family Reserve Still Cider  5.0% A refreshing medium dry still cider that smooth and rounded in flavour from slow maturation in aged oak vats
Coming Soon      
Stardust PK3  5.6% This beer packs a full hop punch! By adding five hop varieties throughout the brew, the beer carries a complex hop profile. Tropical, fruity, spicy...it’s got them all
Ashover Liquorice Alesort  5.0% Rich, full-bodied stout with the addition of a small amount of liquorice. A nod the the Basset's family roots in Ashover  
  Milk Stout  6.0% Beautiful , smooth and rich milk stout with chocolate-roasted essences with hints of coffee and caramel. Brewed with lactose  
  Rattle Imperial Red  7.4% Red coloured ale with a malty character, robust fruit and a hoppy taste. Not for the faint-hearted !  
Regular Favourites      
Fosters Fosters Lager  4.0% A clean-tasting beer without a sulphurous, grainy or overly malty palate. It’s neither too hoppy nor too fruity and has a creaminess which gives it both sweetness and a full-bodied mouth feel
Kingstone Press Cider  5.3% A refreshingly fruity medium dry cider with a smooth crisp finish. Crafted with a blend of the finest. Dabinett and Michelin bittersweet apples balanced with juice from refreshing eating apples
Guinness Guinness Draught  4.2% Sweet smelling with a coffee and malty nose. A perfect balance of bitter and sweet with malt and roast characters. Smooth, creamy and balanced with a distinctively dark, with a rich creamy head
John Smiths John Smith's Smooth  3.6% This bestselling ale has a distinct cereal character, combined with malt and caramel. Equal amounts of fruit and bitterness create a balanced tasting ale with a smooth, creamy texture
San Miguel San Miguel  5.0% Golden Pilsner style lager, full-bodied with a refreshing balance of bitterness from the hops and sweetness from the malt. It has a rich, intense and refreshing flavour


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We have a wide range of activities during the week as well as occasional Live Entertainment on Saturdays. Details of most of these activities are shown on the Weekly Events page


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